Combined visits of exhibitions in Dudelange

The factory, life, society.

A sonic and visual immersion

Four exceptional exhibitions in an emblematic district of Dudelange will take you on a journey through a past universe marked by industry. You’ll get the chance to discover the lives of steelworkers and women, along with related artistic and social research, anecdotes and unpublished aspects of a period that forged the Bassin Minier (mining basin) region of the south of Luxembourg.

Free admission
Guided tours: on request  

The following exhibitions are taking place within the frame of the European Capital of Culture, Esch2022:

  • Stëmme vun der Schmelz, CNA Pomhouse & Waassertuerm, from Wednesday to Sunday, 12 pm – 6pmThe Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CAN) has joined forces with the artist Michel Feinen and the scenographer Anouk Schiltz to carry out a project around the witnesses of the former iron- and steelworks in Dudelange. The project aims on the one hand to gather testimonies, objects, and documents for the purpose of a (non-exhaustive) inventory, on the other hand to create a tribute to former workers by installing lasting audiovisual traces on the site.
  • our archive. your story. , Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) Exhibition ‘nos coups de cœur’ at the Display01 of the CNA, from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 10pmDue to its location in the heart of Luxembourg’s south, the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) has naturally received over time numerous documents relating to the towns and villages of the mining basin. Through their work of classifications, digitization, research, they know our collection better than anyone and each one of them has come across documents that have stood out to them by their singularity, their historical value, aesthetics or their evocative power. You’ll be able to discover a selection of these treasures from our photo, film and sound archives in this special and intimate exhibition! The whole installation will be rounded off by projections of ‘Komm… ech filmen dech!’ by Geneviève Mersch, five short films made from the CNA’s amateur film collection. Produced by the CNA, this exhibition is a tribute to the people who give their all on a daily basis for the conservation and enhancement of Luxembourg’s audiovisual heritage.
  • MinettREMIX, Fondouq Hall & Aciérie (NeiSchmelz site), from Wednesday to Sunday, 2 – 7pm (except public holidays)The exhibition showcases the rich history of the industrial and steel heritage of the south of Luxembourg, known locally as the Minett. Organised by the non-profit organisation Industriekultur-CNCI (Centre national de la culture industrielle), the exhibition presents different players who are actively engaged in preserving the Minett’s industrial heritage. Visitors can discover fascinating sites and initiatives as well as learn more about the lives of the women of that time, their stories, and roles.
  • Moving Lusitalia, Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations humaines (CDMH) Gare-Usines Dudelange, from Thursday to Sunday, 3-6pm
    This exhibition retraces the over 100-year-old history of the Italian quarter in Dudelange. Born through the industrialisation at the end of the 19th century, this district has welcomed diverse immigrants who have found their way to Luxembourg throughout the years. It is therefore a place of local memory of migrations. The exhibition, which includes audiovisual elements, was created based on testimonies and archive documents collected by the CDMH over the years.