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The playful travelling podcast “Minett Mash-up” takes you on a journey through the South of Luxembourg, a region that was officially recognised as a biosphere reserve within the framework of UNESCO’s “Man and the Biosphere” programme at the end of October 2020.

In each episode, the hosts showcase the Minett region in all its diversity. Together with a young guest, they explore beautiful natural places, the region’s rich industrial past, unusual former industrial sites, local creative projects, as well as interesting jobs and viewpoints.

The Minett Mash-Up podcast is a collaborative project between Minett UNESCO Biosphere, Musée vun der Aarbecht – MUAR and our association Industriekultur-CNCI. The podcast is hosted mainly in Luxembourgish and a new episode is published at the end of each month on all major streaming platforms. Follow the hashtag #MinettMashUp for latest project updates. Check out the news section of our website to find out more about each episode and access its shownotes or listen to them directly below.

About the Minett Mash-up Team

Minett UNESCO Biosphere

The Minett UNESCO Biosphere Reserve covers the entire Minett region and everything within it, whether that be the natural landscapes, the people, the natural flora and fauna or the industrial heritage. Together, with its many partners in the South, PRO-SUD is responsible for the management of the biosphere. By organising projects focused on; regional citizen participation, outreach, and research, it is its aim for sustainable development and a harmonious life between Man and Nature to be promoted within the Minett.

Musée vun der Aarbecht

Musée vun der Aarbecht – MUAR is an initiative of the municipality of Kayl in relation to Esch 2022 – European Capital of Culture. The MUAR is the country’s first museum dedicated to work, and as a museum without walls, it offers visitors the opportunity to discover the world of the labour force from different angles through various events such as seminars, conferences, concerts and information workshops. This project aims to complement the industrial and cultural heritage of the Minett region.


As the national centre for industrial culture in Luxembourg, the association Industriekultur-CNCI is committed to raising awareness of industrial culture and heritage, with all its components, by organising diverse campaigns, projects and activities for a wide range of people. One of its main objectives is to establish a collaborative network that brings together key players involved in industrial heritage in Luxembourg, such as museums and associations, as well as those enthusiastic about industrial culture in general. In order to preserve this heritage for future generations, the centre also develops and actively supports concepts for the creative use of old industrial buildings and sites.

Former steelworks in Dudelange © Marc Lazzarini

Minièresbunn Doihl © Industriekultur-CNCI

Giele Botter © Minett UNESCO Biosphere

Power station in Rumelange © Robert Glod

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