Minett Mash-up Podcast – Episode 9

For this first episode of Season 2, our journey took us to the smallest municipality of the South of Luxembourg – Rumelange. Here, we met up with Teena Lange, who is the Project Lead for the creative space Spektrum. Together, we explored some of the beautiful places in Rumelange. We recorded this episode in German to suit Teena. Take a listen and have a look at our pictures from the recording below.

Our Minett Location of the month:

Gonner Haus in Rumelange (Google Maps: 49°27’43.1″N 6°01’04.9″E)

This is one of 11 “Kabaischer” (lodgings) along the 90 km Minett Trail, which can be booked via Simple Viu by tourists or those hiking the trail.

About our guest:

Teena Lange is a German performance artist, who studied theatre and performance in Leipzig, Paris and Berlin. For the past decade, she has been involved in “Grüntaler 9”, a space in Berlin dedicated solely to performance art. In addition to her curatorial work in Berlin, Teena has worked as an artist and curator in Istanbul, New York, London, Jerusalem and Brussels, to name a few. Teena moved to Luxembourg for the European Capital of Culture Esch2022. Since last spring, she has been running the project Spektrum in Rumelange, together with Sebastian Häger.

Top things we chatted about in this episode:

  • Spektrum – a project housed in the former house of the famous Rumelange sculptor Albert Hames. The space is a meeting place, set up in the frame of Esch2022 focused on immersive cultural and artistic practices
  • Grüntaler 9 – a space for performance art in Berlin
  • Albert Hames – a sculptor from Rumelange
  • Maison Albert Hames – official residency of the Hames family, where Albert Hames lived and had his studio until his death
  • 2001 & Njoy – the architects and designers that were commissioned to build Spektrum
  • Rumelange – the smallest municipality within the Minett UNESCO Biosphere
  • Minett Trail – new hiking trail that crosses the 11 municipalities of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere
  • Kabaisercher – the lodgings along the Minett Trail, some of which are renovated old industrial buildings
  • Gonnerhaus – Kabaischen in the municipality of Rumelange on the Minett Trail
  • Jean-Pierre Bausch – former deputy mayor of Rumelange, first miner to sit in Parliment
  • Nature reserve Haard – core zone of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere
  • Nature reserve Léiffrächen – core zone of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere
  • Musée National des Mines de Fer Rumelange – national mining museum, one of the largest museums of its kind in Europe
  • Arboretum „An Aenzelen“ – arboretum in Rumelange, part of the city park
  • Museum Ferrum – new local museum about the steel industry and the work of the miners in Tétange
  • Tufière – geological explanations about these springs
  • Minute/Year – an art project running from 1 January until 31 December 2023 at the Spektrum
  • Multiplica – digital arts festival at the Rotondes in Bonnevoie
  • Jorge Crowe – Argentinean artist present at Multiplica and first artist in residence at Spektrum

If you want to know more about the concept of our podcast and the episodes, go to the project page. But there’s more news: We now have an Instagram account! Follow us @minettmashup and via our hashtag #minettmashup.

Here are some impressions from our recording day in Rumelange:

Stairwell in the house of Albert Hames. The ornaments were created by him.

Beautiful entrance to the Spektrum

Building works at Spektrum

Albert Hames' incredible workshop. It looks like he just left his workshop only a few minutes ago.

On the way to our recording venue, can you guess where it is in Rumelange?

It's along the Minett Trail

On the doors of the rooms are works of art by Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil.

The bird theme is also visible on the exterior façade. Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Minett Mash-up Team! Unfortunately, this time without Laurie, but she will be back in time for the next episode.

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