Meet the team – Marlène Kreins

Who’s behind the non-profit Industriekultur-CNCI? Let us introduce our Board Chair, Marlène Kreins. She is one of IK-CNCI’s board members who are actively involved in the running of our association, on a voluntary basis. Our board is run by experts in the fields of heritage, culture, education and tourism.

© Krystyna Dul


  • What does industrial heritage mean to you?
    The past of a society, small and big stories, cathedrals of iron, and a huge potential for creative re-use.
  • What motivated you to become part of the IK-CNCI board?
    My big passion for industrial heritage.
  • What’s the thing you most enjoy about volunteering at the IK-CNCI?
    Working as a team on a project, exchanging, learning from each other, accepting the “defeats” together and celebrating the successes together.
  • What’s your favourite Minett landmark?
    The Aciérie in Dudelange.
  • What’s your life motto?
    ‘A lass!’ 🙂
  • What’s your spirit animal?
    A squirrel.
  • Do you have a hidden talent?
    I know how to drive a horse-drawn carriage.
  • What’s your favourite music to work to?
    Independent music – as loud as possible! 🙂
  • What do you like doing the most in your spare time?
    Reading and boxing.
  • What’s the favourite place you’ve travelled to?
    South Africa.
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?
    Flying, but a bit complicated with my ‘slight’ fear of heights 🙂
  • What are your hopes for the IK-CNCI in the future?
    That the IK-CNCI becomes a place of reference for industrial culture in Luxembourg, a decentralised institution with a national vocation. That it has pedagogical missions with the aim of exciting and raising the awareness of a large public.