Field trip to the Netherlands

From 1-3 April, we organised a field trip to the Netherlands, with the backing of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works. Our key aim was to learn from best practice in urban planning across Europe and discover how former industrial sites and spaces can be re-used creatively. Beyond the conservation of former industrial buildings, it’s important to think about ways in creative and contemporary transformation that testifies to a country’s industrial past.

We visited four key sites in total:

Overall, the trip gave us lots of food for thought for the future. Here are some impressions of our trip:

RDM Rotterdam © Industriekultur-CNCI

RDM Rotterdam © Industriekultur-CNCI

Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht © Industriekultur-CNCI

LocHal Tilburg © Industriekultur-CNCI

NDSM Amsterdam © Industriekultur-CNCI

RDM Rotterdam © Industriekultur-CNCI

LocHal Tilburg © Maria Spada

Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht © Maria Spada

NDSM Amsterdam © Maria Spada

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