Spotlight on…Joël Miltgen

The majority of our partners, who are part of our Centre national de la culture industrielle network, rely heavily on the work of motivated volunteers. We want to celebrate these amazing volunteers who go above and beyond to support industrial heritage and are committed to the practical upkeep of these sites, museums and associations for future generations. This time we had a chat with local volunteer – Joël Miltgen:

© Pulsa Pictures – ORT SUD

I volunteer at:

Minièresbunn a.s.b.l

The thing I most enjoy:
To be able to contribute my part as a member of our team, to maintain and advance the collective work of our association.

The thing that interests me the most about industrial heritage and culture:
The chance to restore historical locomotives and mining equipment, to contribute to the preservation of an old mine and to give visitors an original insight into its working conditions.

My personal prime spot in the Minett:
It stretches from the nature reserve Giele Botter through the Fond-de-Gras and Lasauvage. Since I was a child, these places have been my favourite places to walk and discover, and they reflect a unique landscape.

If I had a superpower, it would be:
Time travel.

The period of history that I would have liked to live in:
The 1900s – to see with my own eyes everything that the younger generation only knows from postcards and to discover the mine in which our museum is currently located, along with its installations and machines.

Our partner sites and us are always on the lookout for motivated volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to help. Keen to get involved? Sign up to our volunteers pool.